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Your Website - How To Advertise It
Many people think that the way to advertise their website is to say, place a classified ad telling their readers to go to their website for the best baby clothes, recipes or whatever they happen to be selling. However, this is not the case. Not that it won’t work at all but it is very labour intensive with little or no return for effort.

The best way that I have encountered of generating targeted traffic to my website is by writing articles and publishing them both on my own website and other appropriate places on the internet. I say that this is the best way I have encountered, but I’m not alone in that. Over time, this method has been tested by website owners across the internet and it really works. Naturally, targeted traffic means increased sales to people who are really interested in the product which you are offering.

Why does article marketing work so well? The reason is that people are constantly searching the internet for information which is of interest to them. The search engines are more inclined to index sites with well written, informative content, which are frequently updated with new articles. The most successful sites are those which concentrate on a fairly narrow niche which will satisfy the search criteria of the searcher. Thus, when someone visits from a search result, they will find a site full of quality content which they are interested in, rather than a site which contains nothing but advertisements or articles on other topics.

There are a few important points to remember when writing articles for advertising purposes. Firstly, do not write the article as an advertisement for your site; write on your site’s niche subject. Write clearly and concisely using accurate information and good grammar and you will soon become known as an expert in your field. When submitting to article directories, you will have the opportunity to write a short paragraph about yourself, which should also contain a link to your website. If a reader clicks on that link, you can be sure that they were impressed with the content of your article and are really interested in your website content. This reader is an ideal target for your sales offer because you already know that they have an interest in the subject.

It is wise to use a tracking url when publishing your articles to directories as you will be able to see which directories have the best results for your niche. In addition, some of the directories syndicate articles published and provide RSS feeds to other website owners, so this viral effect can soon have your article all over the internet. In turn, this provides more links to your website and this too can improve your rankings in the search engines.

The best thing about article marketing is that it is completely free, except for your time. If you know your subject, you should be able to produce a good quality 500 word article in about twenty minutes. That’s not much, is it, for targeted website visitors?

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