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The marketers believe in promoting their products and services through advertisement campaigns. Such activities done for advertising and promotion, helps in creating awareness among the target audience. In turn, the advertisers get good response and an expanded market share. Now, the medium of advertising must be vast enough to reach maximum amount of audience. The most suitable medium comes out to be Internet, which have the ability to spread the buzzword across its length and breadth.

The intensity of advertisement campaigns is useful in creating brand awareness. When it comes to advertising agencies, India has a few premier ones that also provide online advertisement campaigns. It is due to the growth in number of users that has reached 46 million, according to IAMAI. In 2006, there were 291 brands that spent over Rs. 10 lacs targeting Indian users. This is a clear indication of growth in awareness about benefits of online advertising. The advertisers are keen to advertise online due to the wide reach and response of this medium.

The advertisement campaigns are driven on strategies that are formulated by ad agencies. The details related to size of ad, its placement, rotation, appearance, keyword analysis, display time etc. are taken into account. This is done in order to ensure maximum response and lead generation for the advertiser. Therefore, few advertisers consider online advertising as an initial step towards sale process. The leads so generated, are converted to customers by the business developers or sales officers. The advertisements are attractive in appearance and capable of captivating the user’s interest.

The uses of advertisement campaigns are done by advertisers most commonly but the choice of medium differs. This difference is due to the awareness and budget. Now, internet is that medium, which enables an advertiser to take control of the ad spends and reaches large relevant audience. In this way, the chances of getting a high ROAS increases.

The return on ad spend is likely to become high due to the techniques used for advertisement campaigns, which enables an advertiser to target audience according to its choice. Use of Geo-Targeting, Capping or targeting users according to the connection type i.e. broadband/narrowband, is common among advertisers. Online advertising is surely an impressive way to do promotions.
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